IRís Family of Rugged 40 V to 75 V Automotive-qualified MOSFETs Deliver Low On-State Resistance for Heavy Load Applications

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. ó International Rectifier, IRģ (NYSE: IRF), a world leader in power management technology, today introduced a family of automotive qualified MOSFETs for a range of applications requiring low on-state resistance (RDS(on)) including heavy load applications used in traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) platforms, micro and hybrid vehicle platforms.

The new rugged planar devices feature low RDS(on) and are available across a range of voltages from 40V to 75 V in a variety of Surface Mount Device (SMD) and through-hole packages. The AUIRL1404S is a logic level gate drive MOSFETs offered at 40 V and other devices included in the new family are standard gate drive MOSFETs offered at 40 V, 55 V and 75 V.

ďFeaturing IRís proven technology, these rugged new planar MOSFETs offer good performance in linear mode operation. The wide voltage range also makes them well suited to applications on vehicles using a higher board-net voltage such as trucks,Ē said Jifeng Qin, product manager, IRís Automotive Products Business Unit.

IRís automotive MOSFETs are subject to dynamic and static part average testing combined with 100 percent automated wafer level visual inspection as part of IRís automotive quality initiative targeting zero defects. AEC-Q101 qualification requires that there is no more than a 20 percent change in RDS(on) after 1,000 temperature cycles of testing. However, in extended testing IRís new AU Bill Of Materials demonstrated a maximum RDS(on) shift of less than 10% at 5,000 temperature cycles, showing the strength and ruggedness of the Bill of Materials.

The new devices are qualified according to AEC-Q101 standards, feature an environmentally friendly, lead-free and RoHS compliant bill of materials.


Standard Gate Drive
Part Number Package V(BR)DSS
ID MAX @ TC = 25įC
AUIRF1404 TO-220 40 4 202 131
AUIRF1404S D2PAK 40 4 162 160
AUIRF3504 TO-220 40 9.2 87 36
AUIRFR3504 DPAK 40 9.2 87 48
AUIRF2805 TO-220 55 4.7 175 150
AUIRF2805S D2PAK 55 4.7 135 150
AUIRF1405 TO-220 55 5.3 169 170
AUIRFR2405 DPAK 55 16 56 70
AUIRFZ44N TO-220 55 17.5 49 42
AUIRFZ44NS D2PAK 55 17.5 49 63
AUIRFP2907 TO-247 75 4.5 209 410
AUIRF3808 TO-220 75 7 140 150
AUIRF3808S D2PAK 75 7 105 150
AUIRF2807 TO-220 75 13 82 107
AUIRFR2407 DPAK 75 26 42 74

Logic Level Gate Drive
Part Number Package V(BR)DSS
ID MAX @ TC = 25įC
QG TYP. @ 4.5VGS
AUIRL1404S D2PAK 40 5.9 160 93

Datasheets and qualification standards are available via the part number links above. Spice models are available on request.

Availability and Pricing

Pricing begins at US $0.42 each for the standard gate drive AUIRFZ44N in 100,000-unit quantities and US $1.22 each in 100,000-unit quantities for the logic level gate drive AUIRL1404S. Production orders are available immediately. Prices are subject to change.