IR’s New DirectFET®plus Power MOSFET family for DC-DC Switching Applications Improves Efficiency up to 2 Percent

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — International Rectifier, IR® (NYSE: IRF), a world leader in power management technology, today introduced a family of DirectFET®plus power MOSFETs featuring IR’s new generation of silicon that sets a new standard in efficiency for 12V input synchronous buck applications including next-generation servers, desktops, and notebooks.

The first two DirectFET®plus devices in the new family, the IRF6811 and IRF6894, reduce on-state resistance (Rds(on)) and gate charge (Qg) compared to previous generation devices to significantly improve efficiency up to 2 percent. In addition, the devices offer ultra low gate resistance (Rg) enabling further efficiency improvement by minimizing switching losses in DC-DC converters.

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“The new IRF6811 and IRF6894 chipset leverages IR’s DirectFET packaging technology and features a new generation of silicon which optimizes key MOSFET parameters to provide a best-in-class solution that delivers excellent performance, high reliability, and small footprint for next-generation computing needs,” said Omar Hassen, executive director, Low Voltage DirectFET Products, Enterprise Power Business Unit.

The IRF6811 control MOSFET is available in a Small Can while the IRF6894 synchronous MOSFET is offered in a Medium Can. The 25V DirectFET®plus pair combines industry leading Rds(on) and Rg, combined with low charge to minimize conduction and switching losses. The IRF6894 also features a monolithically integrated Schottky that reduces losses associated with body diode conduction and reverse recovery. The new DirectFET®plus MOSFETs are footprint compatible with previous generation devices.

Key Specifications

Part Number BVDSS
RDS(on) typ @10V
RDS(on) typ @4.5V
QG typ
QGD typ
Outline Code
IRF6811SPBF 25 2.8 4.1 +/-16 11 4.2 SQ
IRF6894MPBF 25 0.9 1.3 +/-16 29 10 MX


Pricing for the IRF6811STRPBF and IRF6894MTRPBF begins at US $0.75 and US $1.75 each respectively in 10,000-unit quantities. Prices are subject to change.