IR Introduces Two Configurable Dual Phase PWM Control ICs for High Performance Synchronous Buck DC-DC Converters

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — International Rectifier, IR® (NYSE: IRF), a world leader in power management technology, today introduced two dual channel synchronous buck control ICs with integrated high performance drivers for medium- to high-current point-of-load (POL) buck converters used in networking, computing, and communications systems.

The IR3622MPbF and IR3622AMPbF can be configured to support a single output in current share mode, capable of delivering up to 80 amperes, or to support two independent outputs. The independent channels run 180 degrees out of phase, and reduce the required input capacitance requirement. A significant reduction in output ripple voltage is achieved in single output mode.

“These flexible and feature-rich ICs provide greater protection and configurability to meet the design demands of today’s high performance systems,” said Rami Hamze, senior marketing manager for IR’s DC-DC Standard Products.

The IR3622MPbF targets 12V single input applications while the IR3622AMPbF can support 5V and 12V applications. Key protection features include selectable hiccup or latched current limit, pre-bias start-up, thermal shutdown protection, and under- and over-voltage protection.

The devices feature a programmable switching frequency up to 600 kHz to reduce input and output filtering requirements, and minimizing the size and number of external filter capacitors and inductors needed. Available in a 32-lead MLPQ package, the new ICs also feature two independently programmable soft-start functions to allow system level sequencing of output voltages in various configurations critical for system level start-up.

The IR3622 family is well suited to multi-rail applications that require sophisticated power-up and power-down tracking and sequencing of multiple rails by offering a combination of track, sequencing, enable, and “power good” output features that can be used to trigger a sequential rise of output voltages across multiple POL converters.

Part Number Package Vin Max
Vin Min
Vout Max
Vout Min
IR3622MPbF 32L MLPQ 14.5 7.5 Vcc * 0.84 0.8 80
IR3622MTRPbF 32L MLPQ 14.5 7.5 Vcc * 0.84 0.8 80
IR3622AMPbF 32L MLPQ 14.5 4.5 Vcc * 0.84 0.8 80
IR3622AMTRPbF 32L MLPQ 14.5 4.5 Vcc * 0.84 0.8 80

Two reference designs are available: the IRDC3622S for single output (dual phase) and IRDC3622D for dual output.

Availability and Pricing

The IR3622MPbF, IR3622MTRPbF, IR3622AMPbF and IR3622AMTRPbF devices are available in 10,000-unit quantities at $1.90 USD each. Production orders are available immediately. Prices are subject to change.