International Rectifier’s New Rugged, Reliable 500V and 600V ICs Integrate Range of New Features

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — International Rectifier, IR® (NYSE: IRF), a world leader in power management technology, today introduced a series of next-generation 500V and 600V high-voltage integrated circuits (HVIC). These 19 new HVICs, half-bridge and high- and low-side drivers address a wide range of applications including motor control, lighting, switch-mode power supplies, audio, and flat-panel displays. They are offered with single or dual inputs, under-voltage lockout protection, fixed or programmable deadtime for half-bridge drivers, and drive currents up to 2.5A.

The new ICs utilize an advanced high-voltage IC process, known as G5 HVIC, which enables a host of new features and enhancements. A next-generation high-voltage level-shifting and termination technology delivers superior electrical over-stress protection and higher field reliability.

“International Rectifier continues to set the standard in high-voltage IC technology. IR’s HVICs provide the required design features in a compact, rugged integrated circuit that helps reduce design time, development risk, footprint, and system cost while improving reliability and time-to-market for the user’s end products,” said David New, IR product manager.

Technical Details
The G5 HVICs have passed extensive quality and reliability testing. Long-term reliability testing was performed to validate robustness beyond the expected useful lifetime of products in certain application environments. This qualification required the devices pass several stress conditions including a 2000 hour, high-temperature biased test whereby the device’s junction temperature exceeded datasheet specifications.

Additionally, the devices benefit from improvements in reliability due to silicon technology and packaging enhancements. The advanced packaging equipment and materials, for example, combined with recent advancements in mold-compound injection techniques allow these devices to be less sensitive to moisture and provide improvements in the plastic-to-die interface, an important consideration as peak soldering temperatures have increased with the adoption of lead-free soldering materials.

The surface mount SO-8 packages are qualified to MSL2 (moisture sensitivity level 2) while all other surface mount packages are MSL3 qualified. All new HVICs are qualified to the J-STD-020C standard and comply with International Rectifier’s environmental goals and policy.

International Rectifier’s HVIC technology integrates n-channel and p-channel LDMOS circuitry in an intelligent driver IC. The ICs receive a low-voltage input and provide gate drive and protection features for HV power-conditioning applications. Additionally, these monolithic HVICs provide integration of features and functionality to simplify circuit design and reduce overall cost, including the option to use a low-cost bootstrap power supply which eliminates the need for the large and expensive auxiliary power supply that discrete optocoupler- or transformer-based designs typically require.

Data sheets and application notes are available on the International Rectifier Web site, Specific G5 HVIC product information is located at and quality and reliability reports are located at International Rectifier’s global environmental, health, and safety policy is located at

Half-Bridge Driver ICs
Base Surface Mount Package Dual Inline Package Pin Count Sink/Source Current (mA) Comments
IRS2103 IRS2103SPbF IRS2103PbF 8 290/600 UVLO VCC
IRS2104 IRS2104SPbF IRS2104PbF 8 290/600 Input logic for shutdown; UVLO VCC
IRS2108 IRS2108SPbF IRS2108PbF 8 290/600 UVLO VCC & VBS
IRS21084 IRS21084SPbF IRS21084PbF 14 290/600 Programmable deadtime; UVLO VCC & VBS
IRS2109 IRS2109SPbF IRS2109PbF 8 290/600 Input logic for shutdown; UVLO VCC & VBS
IRS21094 IRS21094SPbF IRS21094PbF 14 290/600 Input logic for shutdown; programmable deadtime; UVLO VCC & VBS
IRS2308 IRS2308SPbF IRS2308PbF 8 290/600 UVLO VCC & VBS
IRS2111 IRS2111SPbF IRS2111PbF 8 290/600 UVLO VCC & VBS
IRS2183 IRS2183SPbF IRS2183PbF 8 1900/2300 UVLO VCC & VBS
IRS21834 IRS21834SPbF IRS21834PbF 14 1900/2300 Programmable deadtime; UVLO VCC & VBS
IRS2184 IRS2184SPbF IRS2184PbF 8 1900/2300 Programmable deadtime; UVLO VCC & VBS
IRS21844 IRS21844SPbF IRS21844PbF 14 1900/2300 Input logic for shutdown; programmable deadtime; UVLO VCC & VBS

Independent High- and Low-Side Driver ICs
Base Surface Mount Package Dual Inline Package Pin Count Sink/Source Current (mA) Comments
IRS2101 IRS2101SPbF IRS2101PbF 8 290/600 UVLO VCC
IRS2106 IRS2106SPbF IRS2106PbF 8 290/600 UVLO VCC & VBS
IRS21064 IRS21064SPbF IRS21064PbF 14 290/600 UVLO VCC & VBS
IRS2181 IRS2181SPbF IRS2181PbF 8 1900/2300 UVLO VCC & VBS
IRS21814 IRS21814SPbF IRS21814PbF 14 1900/2300 UVLO VCC & VBS
IRS2110 IRS2110SPbF IRS2110PbF 16/14 2500/2500 Input logic for shutdown; UVLO VCC & VBS
IRS2113 IRS2113SPbF IRS2113PbF 16/14 2500/2500 Input logic for shutdown;UVLO VCC & VBS

Availability and Pricing
Pricing for the new High-Voltage ICs begin at US $1.00 each in 10,000-unit quantities. Production quantities are available immediately. The devices are RoHS compliant and prices are subject to change.