International Rectifier Introduces Reference Design for 500W + 500W Peak Stereo Output Class D Audio Amplifier

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - August 2004 - International Rectifier, IR® (NYSE: IRF), a world leader in power management technology, today announced the availability of the IRAUDAMP1 Class D audio amplifier reference design featuring the 200V-rated IR2011S high-speed gate driver IC. The IR2011S drives a pair of IRFB23N15D HEXFET® MOSFETs for each channel in the power stage to provide the amplified audio PWM (pulse width modulated) waveform.

The reference design is a complete analog input, Class D audio power amplifier with 500W + 500W peak stereo output into four ohms. The IRAUDAMP1 is based on a self-oscillating PWM modulator for the lowest component count and a robust design, with protection functions and housekeeping power supplies to simplify use. This reference design is intended to demonstrate how to use the IR2011S, implement protection circuit features and design an optimum PCB layout.

Performance highlights of the IRAUDAMP1 include:

  • THD+N=0.008% @1kHz, 100W, 4Ohms
  • High efficiency 93% @350W, 1kHz, 4Ohms
  • Wide operating supply voltage range ±25 ~ 60V

Protection circuits include over-voltage (OVP) and over-current (OCP) protection. In addition, DC voltage output protection prevents speaker damage from DC current.

David Tam, Vice President, Consumer and Industrial Sector Business said, "Our goal is to simplify engineers' chores in circuit design and maximize efficiency. The IRAUDAMP1 reference design is a complete and robust solution for designers looking to move up to the performance potential of a Class D audio amplifier, and to realize a smaller footprint."

The IR2011 200V-rated high- and low-side MOSFET driver IC is designed for 100W-1000W Class D audio amplifier circuits. Housed in an 8-pin DIP or SO-8 package, it has a maximum ambient temperature rating of 125°C, which improves safety margins compared to similar devices rated at 85°C.

Availability and Pricing

Pricing for the IRAUDAMP1 Class D audio reference design is US $500 each, is available immediately, and may be ordered from our Reference Designs Web Page.

Pricing is US $1.25 each for the IR2011 8-pin DIP and $1.30 each for the IR2011S in the SO-8 package.