CHiL MultiPhase ICs Product Overview

International Rectifier's innovative power management products enhance the power system architecture and translate into real tangible benefits for the computer & motherboard manufacturers (ODMs and OEMs) and the end user.

International Rectifier's multiphase buck PWM controllers and MOSFET drivers are the key components in high frequency voltage regulator (VR) designs for powering today’s high performance microprocessors (CPUs), memory point-of-loads (POL) and graphics processors (GPUs).

Increased efficiency, reduced board space, lower system bill-of-material (BOM) costs and reduced operating costs are achieved by the product features customized for each application. The intelligent mixed signal products provide flexible and scalable solutions for reduced design time and simplified inventory management.

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Non-linear transient Response

Non-linear digital algorithms

Deliver best-in-class high bandwidth transient performance

Minimizes the need for output decoupling bulk capacitors

Unique efficiency shaping

Patented power monitoring and efficiency shaping techniques

Adjust system performance in real time

Fast phase shedding

Flexible gate drive voltages

Fast transition times for higher efficiency

Thermally superior solution delivers power savings even during load transients

Eliminates feedback components

Advanced digital power management design

Eliminates the feedback components

Greatly reduces the need for programming passives

Fewer output capacitors optimizes system BOM & cost and saves valuable board space

Comprehensive design tool

Intuitive Power Designer (IPD) GUI is comprehensive design tool solution

Simplifies the design, configuration and monitoring processes

Easily brings a digital VR to production. 

Register based “set and forget” approach delivers unmatched flexibility and scalability in VRD/ VRM design development and configuration 

Reduces the time to market and simplifies  inventory  control

Industry standard communication protocol

Industry standard PMBus/ SMBus communication protocol

Offers reliable system parameter monitoring and fault control

Product Overview
    Server Solutions
    Destktop & Enthusiast Solutions
    Graphics Solutions
    MultiPhase Digital Power Controllers
    MOSFET Driver & Power Devices