G5 HVIC: Next Generation HVIC Platform

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HVIC Evolution
International Rectifier has invested (and continues to invest) in a new IC process that will support the continued improvement of our HVICs and allow these improvements to be realized while keeping price under control. This new process is referred to as G5 HVIC.

The adoption of a new IC process as an existing IC process approaches its limits is part of the natural progression in IC evolution. The G5 HVIC process allows improvements in device capabilities, tighter specifications, temperature stability, functions/$, and the integration of previously unavailable features at an attractive price point.

Two categories of products have emerged from this new technology; G5 HVIC new products, and G5 HVIC replacement products (to replace existing HVIC products).

International Rectifier’s New Rugged, Reliable 500V and 600V ICs Integrate Range of New Features

Integrated bootstrap functionality
Integrated PFC driver
Integrated brake drive
Improved input filter
Lower pulse distortion
Reliable spike noise detection
Short pulse rejection
Higher output sink/source capability
UVLO protection for VCC and VBS
Over-voltage protection
Improved UVLO hysteresis
Improved matching times
Improved propagation delays
Faster tON & tOFF
Increased blanking time
- To increase over-current detection reliability
- Reduces the need for external noise filters at the ITRIP pin
Allows higher PWM control

Higher signal to noise rejection at input and improved logic threshold values
Increased reliability/ruggedness
- Improved temperature stability
- Advanced high voltage level-shifting technology
Improved DC operation under negative VS conditions
Improved clamping structure provides additional spike protection
Packaging improvements
- Bonding wire
- Molding compound (compliant with future ROHS roadmap)
All G5 HVIC products are lead-free


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