International Rectifier Introduces Radiation-Hardened Solid State Relays that Replace Electro-Mechanical Relays in High Reliability Systems

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - International Rectifier, IR® (NYSE: IRF), a world leader in power management technology, today introduced a quartet of devices in a new line of RAD-Hard™ solid state relays (SSRs) for high reliability (hi-rel) applications. The new hermetically sealed SSRs are radiation-hardened all-electronic devices designed to improve reliability by replacing electro-mechanical relays in power bus switching, heater control circuits, battery charging and other hi-rel applications.

"Solid-state relays have switching times that are similar to electro-mechanical relay switching times, but are immune to vibration and shock, increasing reliability. Also, because they have no contact bounce, filters can be removed from the system, reducing size and weight. The new SSRs have buffered inputs, so they can be driven directly from logic circuits, simplifying overall design and reducing parts count," said Rick Furtney, International Rectifier Vice President, HiRel Sector Business Unit.

The first SSR is the RDHA710SE10A2Q (SMD mount) dual SSR, with current handling capabilities of 20A (10A when properly de-rated) and a breakdown voltage capability of 100V, which is high enough to allow normally applied de-rating.

The second and third devices are the RDHA701FP10A8Q and the RDHA701FP10A8C, containing eight SPST, NO, 1.5A, 100V SSRs with selectable input actuation methods and a choice of rise/fall time control. They are housed in a 64-pin surface mount package.

The fourth SSR is the RDHA720SF06A1N, a single 20A, 60V device, also in an SMD package.

Most of these devices are available in alternate style packages for flange mounting. Consult the factory for information on possible alternate packaging styles.

The new devices are characterized for total dose levels of up to 100k rad (Si) or higher, and single event effects (SEE) immunity up to an linear energy transfer (LET) of 37 MeV/(mg.cm2) or higher. Isolation is 1000V I/O. Class "P" (Unscreened), "H" and "K" screening is available, see data sheet. International Rectifier currently does not have a DSCC certified Radiation Hardness Assurance Program.

The new SSRs are available in single, dual or octal SPST NO (single pole, single throw, normally open [Form A]) type with current ratings of 1.5A to 20A at 60V to 100V.

In addition, some of the new relays have internal circuitry to control output transition times for lower dV/dt and dI/dt, minimizing system RFI/EMI, an important feature in today's compact systems.

Part Number Package Current Rating Contact Configuration Input Type EMI/RFI Control
RDHA710SE10A2Q 8-pin SMD 10 A Dual SPST
Normally Open
5V LogicBuffer Controlled Transition Times
RDHA701FP10A8Q 64-pin SMD 1.5 A Eight SPST
Normally Open
5V LogicBuffer Controlled Transition Times
RDHA701FP10A8C 64-pin SMD 1.5 A Eight SPST
Normally Open
No Buffer Intermediate Transition Times
RDHA720SF06A1N 5-pin SMD 20 A Single SPST
Normally Open
No Buffer Fast Transition Times

Availability and Pricing

The new hi-rel solid-state relays are available immediately. Pricing begins at US $1122.00 each for the RDHA710SE10A2Q (unscreened) in 100-piece quantities. Prices are subject to change.