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Gate driver evaluation board demonstrates the functionalities and key features of the rad hard RIC7S113 400V high and low side gate driver IC when driving 650V rad hard PowerMOS MOSFETs.



Summary of Features

Includes two 650V rad hard PowerMOS MOSFETs in half bridge configuration

Supports SMD-0.5 and SMD-0.5e transistor packages

Bootstrap circuit for high side bias power

Supports single and independent logic inputs

Supports independent and combined VDD and VCC supply

Potential Applications

Satellite Bus and Payload

Power Conditioning Unit

Power Distribution Unit

DC-DC Converter

Motor Drive

Design Tools

User Guide

Board fabrication & schematic (Zip File)

Altium design files (Zip File)

RIC7S113 Excel Calculator


Base Part StatusActive
Qual LevelSpace Grade
Supply Voltage10.0 V - 20.0 V
TopologyHalf Bridge
TechnologyDC Input Type


IR has a long history of providing high-reliability, radiation hardened power management solutions for space flight with products used in over 2000 space programs from launchers to satellites to space exploration vehicles.

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