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ATR DC-DC converter with 28 Vin 5 Vout single output, 30W



16V to 40 VDC Input Range (28VDC Nominal)

3.3V, 5V, 12V and 15V Outputs Available

Indefinite Short Circuit and Overload Protection

Up to 35W/in3 Power Density

30W Output Power Models

Fast Loop Response for Superior Transient Characteristics

Operating Temperature Range from -55°C to +125°C

Popular Industry Standard Pin-Out

Resistance Seam Welded Case for Superior Long Term Hermeticity

Ceramic Feed-thru Pins

External Synchronization

Efficiencies up to 84%

Shutdown from External Signal

Military Screening

Standard Microcircuit Drawings Available


Total Output Power (W)30W
Input Voltage Min (V)16
Input Voltage Max (V)40
Output Voltage Single (V)+ 5
DLA QualifiedSMD
Qual LevelStandard
DLA Drawing5962-94624
Base Part StatusActive
Typical Efficiency (%)78
IOUT Single (A)+ 6

Aerospace and Defense

IR's standard and custom power management solutions for commercial aircraft and defense applications are used in programs such as Airbus and Boeing airliners, the F16, the Eurofighter, the F35 Joint Strike Fighter and the Abrams M1A2 tank.

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IR has a long history of providing high-reliability, radiation hardened power management solutions for space flight with products used in over 2000 space programs from launchers to satellites to space exploration vehicles.

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Part # ATR2805S

ATR DC-DC converter with 28 Vin 5 Vout single output, 30W

DescriptionPart NumberStatusStandard Pack Quantity
Flanged, ES level screeningATR2805SF/ESBACTIVE1
Flanged, HB level screeningATR2805SF/HBBLAST_TIME_BUY_EXPIRED1
Non-Flanged, ES level screeningATR2805S/ESBACTIVE1
SMD Class H Qualified5962-94624LAST_TIME_BUY_EXPIRED1
Non-Flanged, COTS level screeningATR2805SBOBSOLETE1
Flanged, CH level screeningATR2805SF/CHBACTIVE1
Non-Flanged, CH level screeningATR2805S/CHBACTIVE1
Flanged, COTS level screeningATR2805SFBOBSOLETE1

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