R9 superjunction rad hard FET technology




Considering GaN for space systems?

Three reasons why rad hard silicon remains the benchmark technology:

1. System performance and reliability is more complex than just a lower figure of merit: Achieving higher system performance and predictable mission lifetime reliability is complex. Theoretical performance and high frequency switching are easier said than done, especially when considering the surrounding power supply components that will need to be characterized, replaced, tested and qualified – capacitors, drivers, magnetics and more.


IR HiRel’s rad hard R9 superjunction FETs are a simple drop-in, delivering superior performance efficiencies with a well-known silicon gate drive setup.

2. Design reuse and proven reliability minimize mission risk: Assuring confidence in overall system reliability depends on many factors. Improving efficiency and performance in proven circuity provides greater assurance and reduces mission risk.

IR HiRel’s R9 enables a high degree of design reuse for immediate improvements in your heritage designs, making it a low risk upgrade path to higher performing space-grade power systems.

3. Only rad hard silicon is QPL-qualified: Currently only rad hard silicon meets QPL, JANS and Aerospace Corp. TOR requirements for longer-term, interplanetary or missions where “significant risk of failure, or the inability to quantify risk or confidence” is unacceptable.

IR HiRel’s R9 rad hard MOSFETs are qualified for direct release to DLA’s QPL in latest generation packages. This reduces packaging, assembly and testing risk, while ensuring confidence in the reliability of long-lasting, high performance compliance to known industry standards.





R9 portfolio highlights

Download the R9 product brief for the full R9 N- and P-channel ecosystem.

Ch Id
Package Screening JEDEC Slash Sheet Status
IRHNS9A7264 250 N 84 0.0165 SupIR-SMD JANS 2N7658U2A /777* Development
IRHMS9A7264 250 N 45 0.0185 TO-254AA low ohmic JANS 2N7658T1 /777* Development
IRHNKC9A7234 250 N 17 0.110 SMD-0.5e ceramic lid JANS 2N7649U3CE /775* Development
IRHYB9A7234CM 250 N 17 0.110 TO-257AA tabless low ohmic JANS 2N7649D5 /775* Development
IRHYS9A7234CM 250 N 17 0.110 TO-257AA low ohmic JANS 2N7649T3 /775* Active
IRHNMC9A7224 250 N 6 0.138 SMD-0.2 ceramic lid JANS 2N7654U8C /776* Development
IRHNPC9A7214 250 N 5.5 0.500 SMD-0.1 ceramic lid JANS 2N7657xx TBD* Development
IRHNS9A7160 100 N 100 0.0065 SupIR-SMD JANS 2N7653U2A /777* Development
IRHNKC9A7130 100 N 35 0.034 SMD-0.5e ceramic lid JANS 2N7648U3CE /775* Development
IRHYB9A7130CM 100 N 30 0.035 TO-257AA tabless low ohmic JANS 2N7648D5 /775 Active
IRHYS9A7130CM 100 N 30 0.035 TO-257AA low ohmic JANS 2N7648T3 /775 Active
IRHNMC9A7120 100 N 23 0.055 SMD-0.2 ceramic lid JANS 2N7651U8C /776* Active
IRHNPC9A7110 100 N 6 0.150 SMD-0.1 ceramic lid JANS 2N7656xx TBD* Development
IRHNS9A7064 60 N 100 0.004 SupIR-SMD JANS 2N7652U2A /777* Active
IRHMS9A7064 60 N 45 0.007 TO-254AA low ohmic JANS 2N7652T1 /777* Active
IRHNKC9A7034 60 N 40 0.018 SMD-0.5e ceramic lid JANS 2N7647U3CE /775* Development
IRHYS9A7034CM 60 N 30 0.019 TO-257AA low ohmic JANS 2N7647T3 /775 Active
IRHYB9A7034CM 60 N 30 0.019 TO-257AA tabless low ohmic JANS 2N7647D5 /775 Development
IRHNMC9A7024 60 N 25 0.030 SMD-0.2 ceramic lid JANS 2N7650U8C /776* Active
IRHNPC9A7014 60 N 9 0.065 SMD-0.1 ceramic lid JANS 2N7655xx TBD* Development
IRHNS9A97260 -200 P TBD* TBD* SupIR-SMD JANS TBD* TBD* Development
IRHMS9A97260 -200 P TBD* TBD* TO-254AA low ohmic JANS TBD* TBD* Development
IRHNKC9A97230 -200 P 9 0.174 SMD-0.5e ceramic lid JANS 2N7661U3CE TBD* Development
IRHYS9A97230CM -200 P 9 0.175 TO-257AA low ohmic JANS 2N7661T3 TBD* Development
IRHNS9A97160 -100 P 55 0.018 SupIR-SMD JANS TBD* TBD* Development
IRHMS9A97160 -100 P 45 0.019 TO-254AA low ohmic JANS TBD* TBD* Development
IRHNKC9A97130 -100 P 15 0.072 SMD-0.5e ceramic lid JANS 2N7660U3CE TBD* Development
IRHYS9A97130CM -100 P 15 0.076 TO-257AA low ohmic JANS 2N7660T3 TBD* Development
IRHNS9A97064 -60 P TBD* TBD* SupIR-SMD JANS TBD* TBD* Development
IRHMS9A97064 -60 P TBD* TBD* TO-254AA low ohmic JANS TBD* TBD* Development
IRHNKC9A97034 -60 P 20 0.045 SMD-0.5e ceramic lid JANS 2N7659U3CE TBD* Development
IRHYS9A97034CM -60 P 20 0.046 TO-257AA low ohmic JANS 2N7659T3 TBD* Development

*pending as of publication date