Three-Phase Inverter with Integrated PFC Shrinks and Simplifies Appliance Motor Drive Design

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — International Rectifier, IR® (NYSE: IRF), a world leader in power management technology, today introduced the IRAM630-1562F Intelligent Power Module (IPM) featuring Power Factor Correction (PFC) and inverter stage. The new IPM shrinks and simplifies design of energy-efficient appliance and light industrial motor drive applications including air conditioners and washing machines.

The IRAM630-1562F combines IR's low loss, Trench IGBTs with a three-phase, high-voltage gate drive IC and PFC input stage, integrating more than 30 components into a single compact isolated package. Built-in over-temperature/over-current protection, along with an integrated under-voltage lockout function, and built-in temperature monitor provide for a high level of protection and fail-safe operation. Other integrated features such as bootstrap diodes for the high-side drive function and single polarity power supply simplify the system design while reducing overall cost.

“Replacing more than 30 discrete parts, IR’s compact IRAM630-1562F delivers a complete, reliable power stage solution for today’s energy-efficient motor drives featuring both PFC and inverter stages. By using the IRAM630-1562F with just a few external components and one microcontroller, design cycles and overall system costs for appliance variable speed motor projects are significantly reduced compared to discrete solutions,” said Alberto Guerra, Vice President, Strategic Market Development, IR’s Energy Saving Products Business Unit.

The IRAM630-1562F’s open emitter configuration enables multi-shunt current feedback for a sophisticated vector control loop, in V/Hz control loop, with no circuit layout limitation. Over-temperature is detected internally and triggers a fault condition. EMI emissions are minimized due to shorter connection routing, optimized component layout and internal shielding.

The new IPM is an addition to IR’s iMOTION™ design platform which integrates digital, analog and power technologies together in a flexible, mixed signal chipset to simply motor control designs and bring energy-efficient, cost-effective solutions to market faster.


Part Number Current Rating @ Tc=25°C Maximum Motor Power Peak PFC Current Package
IRAM630-1562F 15 A 2 kW 30A SIP2
A datasheet is available via the part number link found in the table above.

Availability and Pricing

Pricing for the IRAM630-1562F2 begins at US $12.75 each in 10,000 unit quantities. Production quantities are available immediately. The devices are RoHS compliant and prices are subject to change.

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