International Rectifier’s Compact, Robust High-Voltage ICs Simplify HID Ballast Circuits and Extend Lamp Life

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - International Rectifier, IR® (NYSE: IRF), a world leader in power management technology, today introduced the IRS2453D family of integrated 600V self-oscillating full-bridge driver ICs for HID ballast applications including general lighting, outdoor street lighting and projectors.

The new ICs utilize IR’s proprietary high-voltage integrated circuit (HVIC) technology, integrating two high-side and two low-side gate drivers. This process allows improvements in device capabilities, tighter specifications, temperature stability and the integration of previously unavailable features.

The IRS2453D features a simple RC network to program the oscillator, eliminating the need to synchronize two half-bridge drivers. In contrast, solutions using 2 SO-8 driver ICs require a separate oscillator to drive each half-bridge, resulting in unsymmetrical voltages across the load due to mismatching of the on-time states caused by tolerances and temperature. In lighting applications, this can cause mercury migration shortening lamp life. The IRS2453D overcomes this problem by driving both half-bridge drivers with a single oscillator to guarantee accurate matching over the complete temperature and supply voltage range.

Greatly simplifying overall design, the IRS2453D integrates both a latched and non-latched shutdown input, and eliminates up to seven components. The latched shutdown allows for implementation of various protection features such as cycle-by-cycle over-current, open-load or short-circuit detection without additional components, while the non-latched shutdown allows for easy interface to a microcontroller for use in a wider variety of power management applications.

Available in 14-lead DIP and SO packages, the lead-free devices provides 50% duty cycle, fixed one micro-second (typical) internal deadtime and integrated bootstrap circuitry. While the new ICs are designed to drive the required low-frequency AC voltage in HID lamps, they can also be used as a general-purpose block for other high-frequency applications such as fluorescent ballasts and power supplies.

"The IRS2453D for HID ballasts is one more innovation in our family of industry-leading HVICs that reduce part count to shrink form factor, increase reliability and simplify circuit design," said Tom Ribarich, IR’s Lighting IC Design Center director.

Other key specifications for the IRS2453D include 15.6V Zener diode clamp on VCC and typical micropower startup current of 140µA. Noise immunity is achieved by low di/dt peak of the gate drivers and with an under-voltage lockout hysteresis of greater than 1.5 V.

Part Number Package Voltage (V) Duty Cycle Internal Deadtime (typ.)
IRS2453DPbF DIP14 600 50% 1µsec
IRS2453DSPbF SO-14 Narrow 600 50% 1µsec
IRS2453DSTRPbF SO-14 Narrow 600 50% 1µsec

Availability and Pricing

The IRS2453DPbF, IRS2453DSPbF and IRS2453DSTRPbF are available immediately. Pricing in 10,000-unit quantities begins at US $1.50 each for IRS2453DPbF and IRS2453DSPbF, and US $1.55 each for IRS2453DSTRPbF.

Prices are subject to change. The devices are RoHS compliant.