International Rectifier Introduces 60V DirectFET® MOSFET Improving Conduction Losses by up to 30%

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — October 2005 — International Rectifier, IR® (NYSE: IRF), a world leader in power management technology, today introduced the IRF6648, a 60V DirectFET® power MOSFET featuring a maximum on-state resistance of 7.0mOhm (VGS=10V) which enables up to 30% lower device conduction losses compared to competitive solutions. A single IRF6648 in the SO-8 footprint can deliver performance similar to two competing “enhanced SO-8” devices operating in parallel. These devices are ideal for isolated DC-DC converters commonly used in telecommunications and networking systems.

When the IRF6648 is used on the secondary side of a regulated 48V input, 12V output, 240W isolated converter the power density of 72W/in2 can be increased an additional 15%. This is enabled by taking advantage of the dual-sided cooling capability of the DirectFET MOSFET packaging technology with the addition of a heat sink.

“As IR expands their mid-voltage DirectFET MOSFET portfolio, power supply designers have more options for improving performance in both primary- and secondary-side sockets in isolated DC-DC converters,” said Carl Smith, marketing manager for Networking and Telecommunication Products at International Rectifier.

“The IRF6648 is a versatile device. It can be used in secondary-side, synchronous rectification sockets in 36V to 75V input isolated DC-DC converters; primary-side, half- and full-bridge isolated DC-DC bus converters; 24V input, primary-side, forward active clamp circuits and 48V output, AC-DC active ORing systems,” Smith added.

Patented DirectFET® Packaging Technology

International Rectifier's patented DirectFET MOSFET packages present a whole new set of design advantages not previously delivered by standard plastic discrete packages. Their metal can construction enables dual-side cooling that effectively doubles the current handling capacity of high frequency DC-DC buck converters powering advanced microprocessors. In addition, devices in the DirectFET package are compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS).

Part Number Package VDSS RDS(on) max @ VGS=10V Qg typical Qgd typical
IRF6648 DirectFET MN 60V 7mOhm 36nC 14nC

Design Tools and Application Notes

AN-1035 – Board Mounting Guidelines for DirectFET® MOSFETs
AN-1050 – Materials & Practices for DirectFET® MOSFETs
AN-1059 – Thermal modeling and Characterization for DirectFET® MOSFETs

The DirectFET® Home Page gives designers a deeper understanding of how to use the unique advantages of DirectFET devices and how they increase electrical and thermal performance.

Availability and Pricing

The IRF6648 DirectFET® MOSFET is available immediately. Pricing is US $1.29 each in 10,000-unit quantities. Prices are subject to change.