New International Rectifier Compact Bridge Rectifiers are Designed for High-Volume Manufacturing

EL SEGUNDO, CA, August 2000 - International Rectifier (NYSE: IRF) introduces the new DF Series compact one amp, single-phase, full-wave bridge rectifiers with unique power-to-volume ratios designed to provide greater power density in high-volume, industrial and consumer electronic devices.

Typical applications include compact power supplies and battery chargers for cellular phones, notebook computers and other portable and rechargeable devices.

Vito Bellino, High Power Product Engineer, says, "The new DF Series bridge rectifiers are competitively priced, follow industry-standard pin-outs, and are compatible with commonly used, high-volume assembly methods. Additionally, the small package outline helps increase power density."

DF-Bridge Series The new DF Series bridge rectifiers are compatible with all standard PC board assembly and soldering techniques. Soldering can be done below 245C to minimize solder oxidation without losing meniscus and fillet formation. The new rectifiers are also suitable for high temperature soldering (250-260C for 8-10 seconds).

These compact bridges offer unique power-to-volume ratios with stable operation in a temperature range from -55 to +150C. The package has high thermal conductivity in an electrically insulated, UL-approved case. The junction-to-case thermal resistance is among the best in the market with 60C per watt. Maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage range is 50 to 1000 volts.

The new bridge rectifiers are made with glass-passivated die and encapsulated in either a four-pin thru-hole (D-70) or a surface-mount (D-71) dual in-line package. The thru-hole devices are shipped in tubes, while surface-mount devices are supplied in tape-and-reel. The new bridge rectifiers are designed for input circuits in industrial and consumer equipment. The compact packaging is especially useful for power supplies and battery chargers for cellular phones, notebook computers and other portable and rechargeable electronic devices.

The bridge rectifiers are encapsulated with QMFZ2 molding compound, UL-certified under class 94V-0. All materials used in the DF family are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Moreover, no CFC compounds are used during any stage of the manufacturing process.

New DF Series Compact 1A Bridge Rectifiers
Part Number VRRM
TJ and Tstg
DF005x5080 -55 to 150
DF01x100150-55 to 150
DF02x200300-55 to 150
DF04x400500-55 to 150
DF06x600700-55 to 150
DF08x800900-55 to 150
DF10x10001100-55 to 150
Note: "x" refers to package style and tape and reel options. See data sheet for details.

Pricing and Availability

The new DF Series full-wave bridge rectifiers are available immediately. Pricing begins at US $0.42 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

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