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Application Handbook
 Gate Drivers
DT 04-4 Using Monolithic High Voltage Gate DriversPDF
DT 99-7 Allieviating High-Side Latch On Problem at Power Up. PDF
DT 98-4 Technical Overview of IR215x Products PDF
DT 97-3 Managing Transients in Control IC Driven Power Stages PDF
DT 94-1A Keeping the Bootstrap Capacitor Charged in Buck Converters PDF
DT 92-4A Simple High Side Drive Provides Fast Sw. & Continuous On-Time PDF
DT 92-3B Using Control ICs to Generate Neg. Gate Bias for MOSFETs & IGBTs PDF
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 Integrated Power Switch
DT 99-6 Intelligent Power Switch (IPS) Operation in an Automotive Environment PDF
DT 99-5 Intelligent Power Switch (IPS) Switching & Diagnostic Capabilities PDF
DT 99-4 Intelligent Power Switch (IPS) Basic Features & Protection PDF
DT 02-1 Isolation Method for 1-10V Controlled Ballast, Based on the IR2159 PDF
DT 99-3 Soldering SO-8 PDF
 Motor Drives
DN500 Short-Circuit Protection for Power Inverters PDF
DN501 Accurate Current Sensing in High Voltage Motor Drives PDF
DN502 Short-Circuit Protection for Three-Phase Power Inverters PDF
DT 04-2 230V or 380/460V AC system implementation for Sensorless Permanent Magnet Motor Control - IRMCK203 Design Solution PDF
DN503 Simple and Efficient Reverse Polarity Protection for -48V Communication Systems PDF
DT 95-1 Replacing Mechanical Relays with IR's PVT412L Microelectronic Relay in Fax/Modem Designs PDF