Space Application DC-DC Converters

Below is a summary of the standard DC-DC and EPC design platforms for most satellite design applications. While these platforms meet most design applications, they are often modified and customized to meet customer’s specific electrical performances, system interfaces, operating environments, and unique mechanical form factors. While the converter assemblies feature mostly surface mount components on a PCB with and without an enclosure, International Rectifier also has unique design, fabrication and assembly expertise in space qualified thick film hybrid technology allowing the integration of a hybrid design minimizing material costs and miniaturization of an assembly’s form factor.

Space Level Design Platforms - Ratings and Features

ML Series – 5W, low power, dual output dc-dc converter for low noise amplifiers (LNA) and similar applications.

Mx Series – 5W and 15W low power triple output dc-dc converter for low noise amplifier (LNA), down converter (Do Con), transmitter, and receiver applications.

Ex Series - electronic power conditioners for solid state power amplifiers (SSPA) and high power amplifiers (HPA) requiring high efficiency performance, specific output sequencing for RF amplifiers. Two design patents are deployed enabling the world class efficiency performance.

Zx Series - low output voltage, high current DC-DC converters for digital signal processors, FPGA, ASIC, and other digital applications. Similarly to the E Series, two design patents are deployed enabling the world class efficiency performance.

SBB Series – 30W point of load (POL) class K hybrid voltage regulators.

Space Bourne Distributed Power Architecture (DPA) Solutions

A generic example of such DPA system is depicted below. The high efficiency Zx or GH series is ideal as the intermediate bus converter (IBC) converting a spacecraft’s unregulated or regulated bus voltage to an intermediate voltage of 5V. The SBB series point of load (POL) voltage regulator modules are used to provide the low supply voltages to the digital loads. The DPA power system offers many design benefits now that the newer digital devices require lower supply voltages and higher current. The benefits include reduced distribution losses, improved steady state and transient performance, optimum heat distribution, and smaller distribution cables and harnesses. Additionally, each POL can be optimized independently for their functions; future design upgrade can also be easily achieved with or without very minimum mechanical reconfiguration.

Space Product by Application
Application Output Power/Current Product Platform
RF (EPC) High Power 60W EA
100W EB
170W EC
"General Purposes Rad-Tolerant" 5W AMA
25W M3L
40W M3H
"General Purposes Rad-Hard" 10W S
40W M3G
Digital/Down Converter 30W LS, LSO
40W M3G
100W/25A ZA*
200W/50A ZB*
RF Low Power 5W MA*,ML*
15W MB*
Point of Load (POL) 15W/7A SBA*
30W/14A SBB*
* new platform in development. Consult factory or sales representative for availability