Motor Control Solutions

International Rectifier offers a series of fully integrated Brushless DC Motor Controllers. The product line consists of sensorless controllers, analog controllers and stand-alone power modules in H-bridge, half-bridge and 3-phase configurations. The analog and digital control products pack control circuitry and the power stage in a single, high-density package. Our designs utilize chip and wire and/or PCB (SMT and through-hole) assembly technologies. The high reliability devices are available in a variety of hermetic and plastic packages. No matter what your needs, we can provide cost-effective, application-specific solutions that meet the requirements of the most demanding and rugged environments.

RAD-Hard Motor Drivers
IGBT High Power Multi Chip Modules

Product Applications 
Fuel pump systems
Starter generators
Flight control systems
Cargo loading systems
Braking systems
Canopy ejectors
Fan and environmental cooling
Hoists and winches
Vetronics traction


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RAD-Hard Motor Drivers

IR also also offers RAD-Hard hybrid motor drivers to address the need for BLDC Motor control in space applications. Typical 3-phase motor driver devices are packaged in a hermetic 32 pin metal can, and are designed to withstand the wide operational temperature range demanded in space applications. Internal to the device is IR’s radiation hardened MOSFETs and gate drivers. These devices support motor bus voltages up to 160 Vdc and is capable of 3.2 amps motor current per phase.

Fully integrated 3-phase brushless DC motor driver and power stage
TID capable to 100K Rad(Si)
Parts are space level screened - which means parts are tested to withstand and operate in the severe environmental condition of space. This results in enhanced reliability for the designer
Independently controlled high and low side inputs
Cycle by cycle current control
CMOS Schmitt trigger inputs with pull downs
Under voltage lockout for all channels
Dv/dt immune
High density hermetic packages
-55º C to +125º C operation
Peak motor voltage: 160 volts
Peak Output current: 5 amps. Continuous output current: 3.2 amps
Maximum power dissipation: 6.7 watts
Maximum Output Current: 3A
Available in 32 pin flat pack hermetic package

Please contact our HiRel group for further information.

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IGBT High Power Multi Chip Modules

IR offers a broad range of standard and custom IGBT modules up to 200 amps as a 3-phase bridge and 600 amps in phase leg configurations. Additional brake chopper and gate protection circuitry can also be included in the module. The latest IGBT and soft recovery diodes are packaged on an isolated substrate and metal base plate with a plastic enclosure. These devices are built and screened in accordance with MIL-PRF-38534 and are designed for use in military, commercial aircraft and electric vehicles where reliability and performance of “Near” hermetic packaging is required. The module meets the industry standard pin configuration, and the power electronics are encapsulated in a proprietary sealing method. The unique sealing method of the power semiconductors includes a conformal coating and epoxy seal that resists moisture even at elevated temperatures. This ability to resist high moisture and temperature, HAST Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST) testing, mimics the welded “Hermetic” metal package and is how we have adopted the term “near hermetic” to describe the package.

Fully integrated 3-phase Brushless DC motor control with power stage
Rugged light weight “Near Hermetic” package
Gen IV IGBT technology
Soft recovery rectifiers
Ultra low thermal resistance
Zener gate protection
Low conduction and switching losses
-55 º C to +125 º C operation
Screening to the intent of MIL-PRF-38534
Short circuit capability
2 ohms series gate resistor
High altitude operation 85,000 feet above sea level

HiRel Half-Bridge IGBT MCM
Part Package Collector Emitter Voltage - VCE (V) Collector Current Ic (A) Saturation Voltage - VCE(Sat) (V) Gate Emitter Voltage - VGE Delay time on/Delay time off - td(on)/td(off) (ns) Turn On/Turn Off Losses E(on)/E(off) mJ Diode Forward Voltage Vf (V) Diode Reverse Recovery Charge Qrr (uC)
G300HHCK12P2 HiRel INT-A-Pak 2 1200 300 1.8 +/- 20 830 / 1900 100 / 55 1.9 15.0
G450HHBK06P2 HiRel INT-A-Pak 2 600 450 1.8 +/- 20 800 / 2800 45 / 60 1.1 9.5

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