High Temperature DC-DC Converters up to +185C

IR HiRel high temperature DC-DC converters are designed for high power subsurface applications up to 185C including down-hole drilling, seismic and natural resource exploration equipment.

IR HiRel high temperature DC-DC converters are well suited as building blocks and intermediate bus converters for power systems. Available as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), the high temperature converters significantly reduce design cycles and design costs associated with high temperature engineering.

IR HiRel high temperature DC-DC converters use a conservative design approach inspired from HiRel space and military expertise and hermetic, hybrid package construction and process to deliver functionality up to high continuous operating case temperature and to survive high shock environment. Hybrid converters can provide the same power in a smaller size than typical PCB designs, allowing more functionality in the same tool size. Hermetic converters offer higher reliability in a high temperature and high shock environment.

Internal EMI filter
Magnetic coupled feedback
100MOhms @ 500VDC isolation
Under-voltage lockout
Frequency synchronization
Short circuit and overload protection
External Inhibit
Trimmable output voltage (single output)
Stackable to achieve higher output power

High Temperature Converters Key Benefits:
Well characterized performances under the temperature extremes without power de-rating
Designed for high voltage applications
Thermal management using proprietary package design
Low noise design to facilitate system integration
Qualified high temperature processes for long term mechanical integrity and reliability
Designed to operate through severe shock and vibration environments


Part Number Case
(not including pins)
Nominal Input voltage Output voltage Output current Output power Weight Operating case temperature
HTA200XXS 2.5x1.5x0.43
With or without flanges
200V 15V
6.1 A
20W 70g -35C to +185 C
HTA200XXD 2.5x1.5x0.43
With or without flanges
200V +15V
20W 70g -35C to +185 C
HTH27022S 3.5 x 2.15 x 0.4 270V 22V 2.5A 55W 70g -20C to +165 C
HTM27092S 4.0 x 2.15 x 0.4 270V 92V 1.0A 92W 80g -20C to +165 C

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