DC-DC Converter Solutions

International Rectifier HiRel (High Reliability) group is recognized as the leader in providing the power management solutions for high reliability and space applications. Located in San Jose, California, the facility is DSCC certified class K to design and manufactures ruggedized hybrid DC-DC converters. The group is supported by a design centers in Skovlunde, Denmark for spacecraft power system designs and complex power conversion system solutions, and silicon design center in El Segundo, California. Over twenty years of heritage in high reliability applications, signify the Company’s unwavering commitment to deliver nothing but the very best in power management solutions to the defense, aerospace, and space industries.

Our standard and radiation-hardened converters are at the heart of systems powering mankind’s most missioncritical applications. You’ll find us throughout the world and above it, in commercial and military aircraft, missiles, smart munitions, weapon systems, launch vehicles, LEO/MEO satellites, and GEO satellites.

IR’s steady thrust in crafting the best in technology with the best in technique for the industry has resulted in highly reliable solutions rich in innovation and unmatched in ability. IR’s new 89% efficient, all-hybrid Electronic Power Conditioner (EPC) developed for spacecraft is but one example.

 Product Offerings

Standard HiRel converters for military, aerospace and rugged industrial applications

High Temperature HiRel converters for High Temperature Applications
Radiation Tolerant converters for low to moderate radiation environments total ionizing dose 25-30krad; Single Event Effect (SEE) rating with LET of 37-60 MeV•cm2/mg
Radiation Hardened converters for harsh environments total ionizing dose is 100k-1Mrad; SEE rating with LET of > 83 MeV•cm2/mg. HiRel converters for Space Applications
Input EMI-filters, either internal or external to standard converters, for providing EMC compliance to MIL-STD-461C and the latest revision of the conducted emission requirements
Custom converter designs for customer-specific requirements

See our Product Matrix organized by Output Power and Radiation Tolerance for easy product selection.

Product Capabilities

Input voltages from 11VDC - 500VDC
Operating input voltage ratio typically 3:1
Nominal inputs of 15, 28, 50, 70, 120, 270VDC
Standard output voltages from 1.5V - 200V
Output power from 5W to 250W
Single, dual and triple output configuration
I/O isolation >100mΩ @500VDC
High operating temperature to +185ºC

Key Features

Process, Design and Manufacturing Expertise Honed for Aerospace and Defense
Input-Output isolation
Active inrush current limiting
Fixed switching frequency
Common frequency synchronization
Soft start
Short-circuit and overload protection
Input undervoltage lockout
Duty cycle limiting over-voltage protection
Output turn-on/turn off sequencing
Operation over -55°C to +125°C without de-rating
Magnetically-coupled feedback
TTL-compatible on/off command
Isolated pulse on/off command
Independent output voltage regulation
Parallel operation with equal current rating
Low profile, hermetically-sealed packages
Copper I/O pins
MIL-STD-461 EMI compliance
Class H and Class K processes (IAW MIL-PRF-38534)
Immunity to TID, SEE, neutron and prompt dose radiation environments in space
Reliability screening option

Standards and Practices

In addition to design and quality practices common to commercial electronics, IR subjects each of its ruggedized designs to the rigors necessary to insure reliable operation in hostile environments. Among these are:
MIL-STD-975 and MIL-STD-1547 de-rating guidelines
Circuit simulation
Finite Element Analysis
Thermal, stress and worst-case analysis
Shock and vibration analysis
End-of-life analysis
Reliability analysis (IAW MIL-HDBK-217F)
Radiation susceptibility analysis
First article qualification IAW MIL-STD-883 and MIL-STD-810

Product Selection

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