Epitaxial Deposition of Silicon

IR Epitaxial Services is the world’s largest Si epitaxy foundry. Located in Mesa Arizona, our foundry contains over 40 ASM Epsilon single wafer reactors operating in a 4000 square-ft. clean-room. We process wafers with diameters from 4” to 200mm over a range of epi thicknesses of <30Å to> 30 microns and epi resistivities of 0.001ohm-cm to 1000ohm-cm.

As an epitaxy foundry IR offers far more than the traditionally limited variety of epi wafers provided by merchant Si suppliers. In addition to providing epi on bare substrates for power MOSFETs, CCDs, bipolar power discrete and CMOS devices, we process epitaxy on substrates with buried layers for bipolar and BiCMOS integrated circuits. Epi processes for substrates with buried layers containing As, B, P or Sb, and combinations of these buried layers, are available using atmospheric pressure or reduced pressure processing.

IR Epitaxial Services processes with SiHCl3, SiH2Cl2, and SiH4 as Si precursors and B2H6, AsH3 and PH3 as dopant species. We provide epi processing on (111), (100) and (110) Si as well as on sapphire, SiMOX and bonded wafers used in SOI applications. In addition, we provide P++ epi for etch stops in bonded SOI and MEMS structures. We also offer processes with Ge counter-doping of the P++ epi layer to minimize film stress and dislocation density.

Processing epitaxy within your own fab is a capital intensive activity and the availability of experienced epitaxy professionals is severely limited. Outsourcing your epitaxial process needs to IR relieves you of the capital, floor space and intellectual burdens of this process. Additional benefits include:

  • Rapid turn-around of your epi wafers
  • Experienced staff of epitaxy professionals to process your wafers
  • Applications engineering to assist with developing and qualifying epi processes
  • Sophisticated metrology equipment for epitaxial film characterization

IR Epitaxial Services operates 24 hours per day and 7 days per week in order to meet our customers’ needs for short turn-around time. Our customer base is world-wide and includes some of the largest names in semiconductor manufacturing as well as research institutes and universities.

IR Epitaxial Services is QS-9000, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified. Certification to the ISO/TS 16949 standard is scheduled to occur during Q3-CY2005.