International Rectifier Introduces 10 Watt, Space-Level DC-DC Converters for Low Power Applications, Simplifying Qualification Requirements

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. May 2003 - International Rectifier, IR® (NYSE: IRF), introduces a new line of 10 watt, radiation-hardened, "off-the-shelf" DC-DC converters. The new devices are available either unscreened or screened to Class K per MIL-PRF-38534, simplifying qualification processes and enabling faster project completion compared to custom-designed converters.

Small and light, the new S-series converters are an ideal choice for low power circuits such as analog and digital control power systems, as well as signal amplifiers and sensors in geo-synchronous (GEO) and low earth orbit (LEO) satellite applications.

S Series

"The S-series converters fulfill the need for low power applications, and supplement the existing IR hi-rel converter product line. The new converters are based on the radiation-proven design heritage that all IR space converters possess. Conservative component de-rating is used, which can be critical to product selection in space design applications," said Tiva Bussarakons, Marketing Director, at International Rectifier's Advanced Analog group.

The new converters feature 28 VDC input, with single or dual output configurations, and operate up to 81% efficiency. The new S Series converter line includes various functional and protection features such as under-voltage lockout, output over-voltage limiter, on/off inhibit, short-circuit and overload protection. Other features include magnetically coupled feedback, with radiation hardness of 100krads total ionizing dose (TID). International Rectifier currently does not have a DSCC certified Radiation Hardness Assurance Program.

The new converters address the requirements of neutron fluence and prompt dose requirements that may be the key design considerations in many applications. Refer to the data sheet for single event effect (SEE), neutron, and prompt dose immunity for optimum performance.

Feature Summary

  • 18V to 40V DC input range
  • Up to 10W output power
  • Single and dual output: 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, ±5V, ±12V and ±15V
  • -55°C to +125°C operating temperature

Part Number Series Package(L x W x H) Vin(V) Iout(A) Vout(V) Pout @ Imax-55°C - +125°C Efficiency @ 25°C
S2803R3S 1.71 x 1.31 x 0.425 28 3.03 +3.3 10 W 74%
S2805S 1.71 x 1.31 x 0.425 28 2 +5 10 W 77%
S2812S 1.71 x 1.31 x 0.425 28 0.833 +12 10 W 80%
S2815S 1.71 x 1.31 x 0.425 28 0.67 +15 10 W 81%

More Information

The new S-series converters are available immediately. The new devices are available either unscreened or screened to Class K per MIL-PRF-38534. This product is subject to U.S. export control laws and regulations.

For sales and technical support, contact International Rectifier's Advanced Analog group at 408-727-0500 or contact the Technical Assistance Center or your local Sales Rep.

High Resolution JPEGs are available in the Press Room.