International Rectifier Introduces New 'Space-Level' Ultra-Fast Recovery Diodes for Increased System Efficiency

IR expands hermetically-sealed diode line to include 200V ratings, enabling smaller size, lighter weight, lower cost spacecraft and military power systems

EL SEGUNDO, Ca. November 2001 - International Rectifier, IR®, (NYSE: IRF) today announces the expansion of their portfolio of hermetically-sealed, high reliability (hi-rel) FRED products, with over a dozen new 200V ultrafast recovery diodes with soft reverse recovery characteristics.

The new devices are optimized for reverse recovery time performance (35ns) and reverse recovery softness. The soft recovery characteristics can eliminate or reduce snubbing components in most design applications. Low forward voltage drop reduces conduction losses and low reverse recovery current reduces power-switching losses.

All features combine to reduce power dissipation, operating temperature, physical size and weight, while increasing power supply efficiency and reliability.

In addition to typical high-reliability space and military applications, the new diodes may be used in moisture sensitive undersea fiber optic drivers, telecommunications routers, commercial avionics and oil exploration instruments.


Richard Southwell, International Rectifier HiRel Components Group Marketing Manager, said, "The new hermetic diodes have a 200V rating, making each diode family ideal for space and high reliability applications using a 100 volt bus. The new devices come in a wide spectrum of surface-mount or through-hole packages for layout flexibility."

The new family of diodes is available in single- and common-cathode configurations. Packages include TO-254, TO-257, TO-258, and TO-259, as well as surface-mount SMD-0.5, SMD-1, hermetic D2, and D3 packages.

The new diodes are available as hermetic commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) as well as screened to space or military QPL equivalent to MIL-PRF-19500 and sold under IR's in-house specifications. To learn more about these in-house QPL equivalents ask for IR's "Qualified International Rectifier List" (QIRL) devices.

Availability and Pricing

The new diodes are available immediately. Pricing begins at US $40.96 each in 5,000-unit quantities.

New International Rectifier 200V Ultrafast Hermetically Sealed FRED Diodes
Package VR (V) IFM (A) VF max @IFM, 25C (V) (1) IR max, 125C (mA) Part Number trr (ns) RthJC per leg (C/W) Configuration
SMD-0.5 200 25 1.07 0.25 HFB25HJ20 35 1.76 Single
200 20 1.11 1.0 HFB20HJ20C 20 4.5 CC
SMD-1 200 60 1.08 1.0 HFB60HF20 35 1.76 Single
200 60 1.08 0.1 HFB60HF20C 35 2.73 CC
TO-257 200 16 1.17 0.2 HFB16HY20C 35 1.25 Single
200 16 0.98 0.1 HFB16HY20CC 30 1.49 CC
TO-254 200 35 1.41 1.0 HFB35HB20 35 1.0 Single
200 35 1.20 0.7 HFB35HB20C 35 1.2 CC
TO-258 200 50 1.25 2.0 HFB50HC20 35 0.5 Single
200 50 1.18 0.1 HFB50HC20C 35 0.86 CC
TO-259 200 50 1.25 2.0 HFB50HI20 35 0.5 Single
200 50 1.22 0.2 HFB50HI20C 35 0.96 CC
(1) For CC configuration, Vf is measured at 50%of IFM
(2) For devices in Hermetic D2 or D3 packages, the performance limits are identical to TO-257AA, and TO-254AA, respectively.

For more information:

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