IR’s Family of CHiL Digital PWM Controllers and Integrated PowIRstage® Solutions Provide Optimized End-to-End Solutions with PMBus™ for Next-Generation Computing Platforms 


New devices target Intel VR12.5 platforms in mid-range to high-end server, desktop and computing applications.



March 18, 2014 - International Rectifier


EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — International Rectifier, IR® (NYSE: IRF), a world leader in power management technology, today introduced its latest generation of highly versatile, PMBus™ enabled, CHiL digital PWM controllers and integrated PowIRstage® solutions that significantly improve efficiency and reduce board space and component count in a variety of mid-range to high-end server, desktop and computing applications.

IR’s new digital controllers meet Intel VR12 and VR12.5 specifications, and support multiphase designs from 1 to 8 phases operating 1 to 2 loops. These digital controllers can be used in combination with a choice of seven new PowIRstage® products to deliver an optimized high-performance end-to-end multiphase solution for CPU and DDR memory applications. 

These latest generation CHiL controllers offer enhanced features over the previous generation including significant expansion in the PMBusTM command set, substantial reduction in quiescent current to enable higher peak efficiency, min/max telemetry recording and an improved high-speed phase balance algorithm.

“Our latest generation CHiL digital controller family and PowIRstage® solutions offer a complete optimized, full-featured, high-performance end-to-end solution satisfying the challenging requirements of leading-edge next-generation CPU and DDR memory designs for servers, high-end motherboards and other computing systems. These new solutions incorporate our latest silicon technologies to boost in-circuit efficiencies and offer a substantial upgrade in system-level telemetry and reporting, fault protection and PMBusTM capability,” said Carl Smith, Marketing Director, IR’s Enterprise Power Business Unit.    

IR’s latest PowIRstage® solutions integrate a high performance driver, control and synchronous MOSFETs with accurate, temperature compensated, on-chip current sense reporting and provide cycle-by-cycle over-current protection to self-protect against harsh circuit conditions such as inductor saturation events. Temperature sensing, reporting and over-temperature protection are also available in addition to a fault-flag output. These PowIRstage® devices are offered in 6x6mm PQFN packages, rated at 40A, 50A and 60A with over-molded and exposed top options available providing flexibility to achieve optimal thermal design.


Fourth Generation CHiL Digital Controller Specifications:

Part Number Package Pins Vcc # Outputs Total # Phases

Output 1: # Phases

Output 2: # Phases
IR3580 6x6mm QFN 48 Pin 3.3V 1 1 - 8Ø n/a
IR3581 6x6mm QFN 48 Pin 3.3V 2 1 - 6Ø 0 - 1Ø
IR3584 5x5mm QFN 40 Pin 3.3V 2 1 - 4Ø 0 - 1Ø


Third Generation PowIRstage® Specifications:

Part Number Package Over-molded or Exposed Top Current Rating Input Voltage Range Vcc Supply & Vdrv Voltage

Pre-OVP Feature (Y/N)

IR3555 6x6x0.9mm PQFN Over-molded 60Amp 4.5V to 15V 4.5V to7V Y
IR3555A 6x6x0.9mm PQFN Over-molded 60Amp 4.5V to 15V 4.5V to7V N
IR3579 6x6x0.65mm PQFN Exposed Top 60Amp 4.5V to 15V 4.5V to7V Y
IR3579A 6x6x0.65mm PQFN Exposed Top 60Amp 4.5V to 15V 4.5V to7V N
IR3578 6x6x0.65mm PQFN Exposed Top 50Amp 4.5V to 15V 4.5V to7V Y
IR3556 6x6x0.9mm PQFN Over-molded 50Amp 4.5V to 15V 4.5V to7V Y
IR3557 6x6x0.9mm PQFN Over-molded 40Amp 4.5V to 15V 4.5V to7V Y


Design Tools

IR offers dedicated demo boards and fully documented reference designs. These CHiL digital power solutions are fully supported by IR’s real-time GUI for design and development, and hardware interface tools to communicate and program the CHiL devices.


Pricing for the controller range from US $3.81 each for the IR3584 to US $4.13 each for the IR3580 in 1,000-unit quantities. Pricing for the PowIRstage® devices range from US $3.19 each for the IR3557 to US $4.25 each for the IR3579 in 1,000-unit quantities. Prices are subject to change.