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Hi-Rel DC-DC Rad-Hard Triple Converter in a M3GB package.

Call Factory


Total Dose > 200 kRads(Si), typically usable to > 300 kRads(Si)

SEE Hardened to LET up to 82 MeV.cm2/mg

Internal EMI filter; Converter Capable of meeting MIL-STD-461C CE03

Low Weight, < 110 grams

Magnetically Coupled Feedback

18V to 50V DC Input Range

Up to 40W Output Power

Single and Dual Output Models

High Efficiency - to 83%

-55°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range

100mOhms at 100VDC Isolation

Under-Voltage Lockout

Short Circuit and Overload Protection

Remote Sense on Single Output Models

Adjustable Output Voltage for all Models

Synchronization Input and Output

External Inhibit

Greater Than 7,000,000 hour MTBF


Qual LevelRadiation Hardened
Total Dose kRad (Si)200
See (MeV-cm2/mg)82
Total Output Power (W)40
Input Voltage (V)28
Input Voltage Min (V)18
Input Voltage Max (V)50
Typical Efficiency (%)82
DLA Drawing5962-03227
DLA QualifiedSMD
IOUT Dual (A)+/-0.667
Base Part StatusCall Factory
IOUT Single (A)+ 4
Output Voltage Dual (V)+/-15
Output Voltage Single (V)+ 5
Operating Temperature125°C

Part # 5962-0322701KXC

Hi-Rel DC-DC Rad-Hard Triple Converter in a M3GB package.

Packaging OptionsPart NumberStatusStandard Pack Quantity
Engineering ModelM3GB280515T/EMCALL_FACTORY1
SMD Class K, Gold Plated Leads5962-0322701KXCCALL_FACTORY1
SMD Class K, Solder Dipped Leads5962-0322701KXACALL_FACTORY1
Base ModelM3GB280515TCALL_FACTORY1
SMD Class K RHA, Gold Plated Leads5962R0322701KXCCALL_FACTORY1
SMD Class K RHA, Solder Dipped Leads5962R0322701KXACALL_FACTORY1

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