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Highly Efficient Integrated 6A Sync Buck Regulator



Greater than 95% Maximum Efficiency

Wide Input Voltage Range 1.5V to 16V

Wide Output Voltage Range 0.7V to 0.9*Vin

Continuous 6A Load Capability

Integrated Bootstrap-diode

High Bandwidth E/A for excellent transient performance

Programmable Switching Frequency up to 1.5MHz

Programmable Over Current Protection

PGood output

Hiccup Current Limit

Precision Reference Voltage (0.7V, ±1%)

Programmable Soft-Start

Enable Input with Voltage Monitoring Capability

Enhanced Pre-Bias Start-up

Seq input for Tracking applications

-40°C to 125°C operating junction temperature

Thermal Protection

4mm x 5mm Power QFN Package

Halogen Free, Lead Free and RoHS compliant


Base Part StatusObsolete
CircuitSingle Output
Input Voltage (V)1.5 - 16
OCP OTP UVLO Pre-Bias Soft Start andPGOOD + EN + SEQ + OVD
Output Range (V)0.7 - 0.9*Vin
PackagePQFN / 4 x 5
Qual LevelIndustrial
Switch Freq (kHz)0 - 750
Vout (Max)19.0
Vout (Min)0.7
1k Budgetary Pricing1.562
Base Station TelecomYes
Routers SwitchesYes
Server StorageYes

Desktop & Workstations

Solutions for desktops and workstations include multiphase and POL DC-DC conversion and technologies for efficient AC-DC power.

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Graphic Boards

Graphic card solutions include technologies and design tools for POL and multiphase DC-DC conversion.

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Design Tools

Design Tools

SupIRBuck Design Tool

Schematic Capture, AC, Steady State, Transient Analysis, Thermal Analysis, BOM creation

Tool Introduction

PQFN / 4 x 5

Part # IR3856WMTR1PBF

Highly Efficient Integrated 6A Sync Buck Regulator

$1.561K Budgetary Pricing (USD):
Packaging OptionsPart NumberStatusStandard Pack Quantity
An IR3856WM with Lead Free packaging shipped on Tape and ReelIR3856WMTR1PBFOBSOLETE750
An IR3856WM with Lead Free packaging shipped on Tape and ReelIR3856WMTRPBFOBSOLETE4000

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