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Rad hard non-inverting dual output gate driver


RIC74424 is a high speed, dual channel low side gate driver intended for harsh radiation environments.

Summary of features

Dual independent gate drivers with common return

Wide supply voltage operating range

High drive current

Low propagation delay

Low quiescent current

Schmitt trigger inputs with internal pull-down resistor

Total ionizing dose (TID) hardness

Low dose rate (ELDRS) (<10 mrad(Si)/s) of 50 krad(Si)

High dose rate (50-300 rad(Si)/s) of 100 krad(Si)

Single event effect hardness

SEB, SEGR and SEL free up to 81.9 MeV·cm2/mg

SET characterized up to 81.9 MeV·cm2/mg

ESD Rating: Class 3B per MIL-STD-883, Method 3015

Electrical characteristics specified over full military temperature range


Reduce size and weight by eliminating bulky gate drive transformers

Potential applications

Satellite Bus and Payload

Power Conditioning Unit, Power Distribution Unit

DC-DC Converter

Motor Drive

Design Tools

Evaluation board: RIC74424EVAL1


Package8-Lead FlatPack
Total Dose100krad(Si)
T off typ (ns)85
T on typ (ns)100
Supply Voltage5.0V - 20.0V
t f (ns)15
Output Current (A)3.0
Base Part StatusActive
Output Voltage (V)20
t r (ns)20
8-Lead FlatPack

Part # RIC74424H

Rad hard non-inverting dual output gate driver

Packaging OptionsPart NumberStatusStandard Pack Quantity
MIL-PRF-38535 Level S ScreeningRIC74424HSCSACTIVE1
MIL-PRF-38535 Level B ScreeningRIC74424HSCBACTIVE1

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