Infineon’s VHB2805S Hermetic Hybrid DC-DC Converter Enables Oil Exploration Companies to Drill in Deeper Environments More Quickly




Munich, Germany and Albuquerque, USA – April 29, 2016 – Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) today launched the VHB2805S hermetic hybrid DC-DC converter rated at 215°C for down-hole drilling tools used in oil exploration. With increasing demand for oil and fast depleting crude oil reserves, oil exploration companies need to drill in more challenging and deeper environments where ambient temperatures are upward of 200°C. Infineon’s off-the-shelf high temperature solution saves down-hole drilling tool manufacturers’ time and development costs, and helps oil exploration companies to find oil sources that would otherwise be harder to find.

The VHB2805S is a complete isolated DC-DC converter rated at 5W at 215°C case temperature with 28V input voltage and 5V output voltage and minimum efficiency of 72% at 215°C. The VHB2805S is offered in a very compact hermetic package of 1” wide, 0.4” high and 3.75” long (25 mm W x 10 mm H x 95 mm L) making it well suited to smaller down-hole drilling tools. The device is available with flanges for secure mounting. 
While most electronics are unable to handle temperatures above 125°C, the VHB2805S is capable of operating in environments up to 215°C. The new DC-DC converter is specifically designed to handle the shock and vibrations typically found in downhole drilling tools where the electronics may be located close to the drilling hardware. The hermetic hybrid construction provides the high reliability needed for the application.
The product may be customized to meet specific customer system requirements. The product is an extension of IR HiRel’s existing high temperature DC-DC converters rated at 165°C and 185°C case temperature.


Part Operating Temperature Total Output Power
Input Voltage
Output Voltage Single
VHB2803R3S +215°C 5W 28 (17-34) + 3.3
VHB2805S +215°C 5W 28 (17-34) + 5
VHB2812S +215°C 5W 28 (17-34) + 12
VHB2815S +215°C 5W 28 (17-34) + 15